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Personal Training

The Personal Training System at Anatomy at 1220 is designed as an organized set of checks and balances to ensure clients reach an optimal level of fitness and athleticism. Our three phase system starts off by addressing function and stability issues. The next phase of our program bridges the gap between aesthetics and performance, by shedding body fat and promoting overall wellness. The culmination of our system is superior movement resulting in maximum strength and power. Our team will address your individual goals and concerns to develop your mastery in each phase of our system. Our goal for you is to achieve a top level of fitness by creating a body that's functional, lean, and strong. The Anatomy way!


Pilates is a full body, dynamic workout that is meant to strengthen, lengthen and tone your muscles. Pilates, originally named Contrology, is used to challenge clients to gain muscular control, drastically increase core strength, and even rehabilitate injuries. We have a fully equipped pilates studio available for private and duet sessions. Sessions can be booked by contacting amanda@anatomyat1220.com!